All Nations is an independent non-denominational congregation founded on the leadership of JESUS CHRIST and HIS directions as given in the Bible. We are a place where believers of varied backgrounds come together, uniting around the common denominators of “Christian” as our only name and the Bible as our source of authority.

On October 1, 2006, 3 believers gathered at the Brunson Building in Radcliff, Kentucky for the  first service based only on a WORD from GOD.  We realized that GOD Will can never take you, where HIS Grace can't cover you. Since that time, God has taken us on a journey of faith that has led us to our current location at 110 Wiselyn Drive in Radcliff, Kentucky. In those years ANWM has grown and gathers to learn the WORD of GOD and are constantly empowered by the WORD of GOD to step out  on Faith to do HIS Divine Will. We rejoices in the Great Calling of GOD.

We desire our influence to reach beyond our walls.  In keeping with Christ’s direction we desire to extend JESUS influence even further by lifting HIM up, HE will draw all men unto HIM. Our current efforts includes Our local city, our local county, our State targeting all for the Kingdom of GOD.

We hope exploring our website gives you a better feel for who we are.

Apostle & Prophet
Michael  -  Gloria